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Posted 5/10/18

LCH Rehab gave her hope



Pictured above from left are:  Chelsea Hill, PTA, Trinity Johnston, OTR/L, Kevin Pridmore, PT, Louanne Little, Tamara Ford, PT, and Tera Gwaltney, PT, DPT.

"Recently, I entered the Inpatient Swing-Bed/Rehab Program at Lauderdale Community Hospital as a result of a broken leg.  My case was different than most.  I contracted polio as a child and have walked with the use of crutches, and sometimes leg braces, for sixty-four years.

      The physical and occupational therapists at Lauderdale Community Hospital taught me how to use a sliding board, which enabled me to transfer into my van, use restroom facilities, and maneuver from place to place with confidence.  After years of post-polio fatigue, my center core muscles were weak, and I had lost strength in my arms and legs. The therapists helped me regain my strength in those muscles, overall body endurance, and confidence in myself.
      This staff of compassionate people truly gave me hope. I returned home, and then began physical and occupational therapy in their outpatient department. As an outpatient, the therapists are now helping me to regain my strength and endurance, so that I can become independent on my crutches once again.
       I owe my gratitude to these fine men and women of Lauderdale Community Rehab Department. Because of their outstanding expertise, I am regaining my purpose in life.”
                                                Sincerely yours,
                                                Louanne Little


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