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 The LCH Volunteer League presented two pieces of equipment at their monthly meeting on February 27th.  The presentations were made possible from combining the proceeds of both the August and November 2017 Masquerade Jewelry Sales.

The first was the Activa High-Speed Shredder with the presentation being made to Cheryl Manns, Privacy Officer.  Cheryl explained how this new shredder can shred up to 33 pages of confidential information at one time – it is sleek, quiet, and portable as demonstrated by Cheryl.  Cheryl, on behalf of HIM and the entire Hospital, thanked the League for this much-needed purchase.  

The second presentation was made to Leticia Harris, RN, demonstrating the “practice unit” of the EZ-IO Power Driver.  This “gun” is used when getting a IV into a difficult vein due to dehydration, etc.  Instead the patient has to have an interosseous IV, i.e., directly into the bone!  Leticia showed how the power driver worked and staff has been practicing with simulated bone with this practice unit until the real power driver is delivered.  Leticia, on behalf of Nursing, thanked the League for the purchase.

Photos were taken of Cheryl and Leticia with Mike Layfield, CEO, Cassie Williams, RN, Mary Miller (League President), Barbara Hendren (Gift Shop Manager), and Brenda Bountry (League Secretary and Gift Shop Committee).



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